EG Industries was recognized and selected as the Truck-Lite U.S. Supplier of the Year during the Truck-Lite Supplier Summit last July 24, 2017. The selection was based on the company’s “outstanding achievements and support with regards to quality, delivery, and overall performance.”

EG Industries injection molds various components and parts for Truck-Lite. Some of these parts are produced by gas assist injection molding. This is a low-pressure process that requires the injection of pressurized nitrogen gas into the interior of a mold. The gas flows through strategically placed gas channels in the mold which in turn displaces the material in the thick areas of the part by forming hollow sections. In addition, EG Industries produces plastic injection molded parts which are then chrome-plated.

What makes this award meaningful is that the achievement involved several Associates across many locations working together. Indeed, any team can only be as great as the challenges members overcome collectively together.