Our Capabilities

We’re committed to providing innovative solutions, drive product momentum, and deliver superior results for our customers.  Our mission as an organization is to be your preferred local manufacturing partner that delivers products and parts of the highest quality and greatest value to your company, regardless of project size. Our core competencies include design and engineering development, tooling, plastic injection molding, and several critical secondary operations and value-added services.

The road to innovation in manufacturing begins with R&D and our ability to develop, manufacture and support customized solutions for customers puts EG Industries at a significant advantage in the market.

With a dedicated engineering and design support team, EG Industries will work with you to define a solid path of execution and market deployment for your part or product. Regardless of project size or specific program requirements, we’ll endeavor to bring your ideas to fruition in the most cost effective manner. We take research and development seriously and provide customers with innovative solutions that surpass expectations from voice-of-the-customer research and concept development, rapid prototyping, design for manufacturing, as well as light weighting and metal to plastic conversion research– with the goal of driving manufacturing costs down and improving production efficiencies.

Research & Development | EG Industries - Leader in Plastic Injection Tooling, Molding, and Finishing
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Design Studio | EG Industries - Leader in Plastic Injection Tooling, Molding, and Finishing
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We use best-in-class design and engineering practices consistently to bring your products to market profitably.

We have dedicated teams that provide support and utilize best-in-class design and engineering capabilities throughout the manufacturing process, from concept and design to workplace layout. Our use of the latest CAD technology accelerates design evaluation and revision processes, and allows data to be used for the creation of stereo lithography models; finite element analysis; seamless tool design and manufacture; and moldflow simulation analysis. In addition, we adhere to OQPQ protocols and employ strict 5-phase APQP discipline, with supporting DFMEA/PFMEA and other tools, so our customers can bring their ideas to fruition efficiently, effectively, and profitably. We model ourselves after OEM studio methods and time lines and are able to efficiently develop and adopt new application processes that bring value to your business.

Tooling | EG Industries - Leader in Plastic Injection Tooling, Molding, and Finishing

We design and build tools that run at the fastest cycle times and produce parts at the highest quality consistently.

EG Industries offers extensive in-house mold building from single cavity, pre-production, and fast development molds to high cavitation complex valve-gate runner systems and two-shot molds. Our scientific molding methodology ensures that the molds we build will perform and deliver consistently to the high standards and optimized processes for which they were designed. It’s no surprise that the tools we build, time and again, invariably run at the fastest cycle times and produce parts that meet exacting quality specifications. Our U.S. and China locations are staffed around the clock to exceed customer requirements in project timing, quality, and complexity at the highest value.

Tooling | EG Industries - Leader in Plastic Injection Tooling, Molding, and Finishing
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Plastic Injection Molding Machine | EG Industries - Leader in Plastic Injection Tooling, Molding, and Finishing
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We have highly sophisticated injection molding machines to meet any need, no matter how demanding.

Our plants and facilities process most engineered and commodity-based resins. Our plastic injection molding capacity extends from 25 tons to 3000 tons for different types of injection molding needs including insert molding, over-molding, and two-shot molding. Our Class 8 (10K and 100K) cleanroom facilities are environmentally controlled manufacturing cells for molding, assembly, and packaging. Moreover, we have the ability to quickly adapt our production lines to tool changes with less scrap at start-up, so customers benefit from longer production runs and greater availability of productive uptime.

As a partner in your success, our goal is to deliver finished products that go beyond customer’s expectations.

EG Industries offers several secondary operations including assembly, metal stamping overlays, heat staking, ultrasonic welding, and RF welding. Our assembly process for any application is optimized through value stream analysis, lean manufacturing, and total quality management. We also provide silk screen printing, deco painting, bar code labeling, graphical emblems and trim, painting, and other services. Our wide range of painting, paint testing, and decorating capabilities utilize the latest advances in technology and processes. These capabilities include, but are not limited to, solvent borne painting 1K and 2K; secondary color application (decorative paint masking); mold-in color and color at press;  powder coating; hot stamping; and pad printing.

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Whether it’s a simple manual assembly or a highly automated, multi-assembly process, we provide customers with a quality product at a value-driven price. Utilizing value stream analysis, lean manufacturing, and total quality management, we optimize the assembly process for any application. From single fasteners and plastic sub-components welded together, to highly visible lens made of polycarbonate or clean room assemblies, our SPC lot traceability and bar code capabilities give customers the knowledge and confidence that the products they receive have been assembled with the greatest of care and to precise dimensional and performance requirements.

We utilize the latest advances in painting technology and processes for a superior finished product each time.

EG Industries has a wide range of painting and decorating abilities including: Water Borne Paints (Interior); Solvent Borne Paints (Exterior and Interior); Two Component Paints; Adhesion Promoters; Secondary Color Application (Decorative Paint Masking); Pad Printing (3 color decorations); Conversion Coating; 10-stage Aluminum Pre-treat System; Silk Printing (Screen Print); Roll Coating; Low Haps and low VOC paints; and more. We also have several paint testing capabilities such as adhesion testing (i.e., cross hatch, salt spray and humidity hardness, impact resistance, chemical testing, etc.); 60 Degrees Specular Gloss reading equipment; Paint Film Thickness Reading with Eddy Current Thickness Gauge; Spectrophotometer for color reading; Gretag Macbeth light table for color control; and Micro-Vu Video Measuring System for dirt and defect analysis.


We offer complete packaging systems such as blister packs, vacuum seals envelopes, and a variety of other methods to ensure durable delivery of products that are easy to open. We also recently added a MC5-Digital drive Multivac R240 packaging machine to one of our 6 existing clean rooms. This versatile and cost-effective packaging system will provide increased speed and reliability on the production floor. The Multivac has a full transfer traversing coder and printer, along with an automatic cutting system, that produce precisely sealed and easy-to-open packaging ideal for medical supplies and devices.

Program Management | EG Industries - Leader in Plastic Injection Tooling, Molding, and Finishing
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We’re there every step of the way to ensure goals are met, schedules are kept, risks are minimized, and deliverables don’t just meet but exceed your expectations.

Through program management, we work to ensure the transformation of your vision into an executable plan. Our approach consistently provides best-in-class engineering and design capability throughout the manufacturing process, from concept and design to processing and workplace layout. When we take on your project, we use our experience and expertise through all facets of the project from defining the scope of the work, planning and execution to research and testing, final production, and beyond. Our commitment to you includes accurate and timely forecasting, revenue management, as well as inventory and logistics management.

Program Management | EG Industries - Leader in Plastic Injection Tooling, Molding, and Finishing

“We’re very pleased with the quality of the product. EG Industries’ systems for inventory management and traceability are exceptional and can’t be demonstrated by any of our other vendors.”

Mark K., Automotive Company Executive