Compliance and Whistleblower Program

One of our core values as a company is “Integrity” which means practicing honesty, accuracy, consistency, and transparency in our actions throughout EG Industries. As part of our effort to be uncompromising in our ethics, we’ve created this Program to help prevent serious compliance violations by providing a communications platform for associates, customers, vendors, and other interested parties to report and provide information about economic actions and crimes detrimental to the company.

Individuals providing information may remain anonymous or not, and any communication done with the person processing the submitted information is conducted confidentially. Every report is taken very seriously and checked thoroughly to ensure its validity. If a determination is made that the notification is substantiated or a reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing exists, further action will be taken.

Please include only if you want to be notified of the status of your report, or need to communicate with us confidentially following your report submission.

Why Submit a Report

Compliance is critical to all our success at EGI and reporting violations enables us to surface and understand risks to the company early so any further damage can be averted. Each EGI associate holds the responsibility of protecting the company because any harmful behavior detrimental to the company, in the end, affects and harms us all.

Reports You Can Submit

Any serious compliance violations such as theft or fraud, forgery, blackmail, coercion, inaccurate accounting, and the like can and should be reported.

Report Submission Process

To report a compliance violation, complete the form on the left of this page. Please provide as much detail as possible about the incident. You have the option of uploading a file, image, or document to support your report. If you wish to be notified about the status of your report, please include an email address you have access to that cannot be traced back to you. Having your email will also allow us to contact you if we have questions, as well as respond to your own questions. Giving us your email, however, is completely optional.

How to Remain Anonymous

Please don’t enter any information about yourself that can be linked back to you, or be used to draw conclusions about your identity in the report you submit. Moreover, you will never be asked for any personal information during the reporting process. Any report submitted is kept secure and is encrypted during submission. For added protection, don’t use a work computer . You can also use the Tor browser by downloading and installing it from Once installed, launch the Tor Browser and when you return to this page, you’ll be completely anonymous. We’re interested, not in your identity, but in data and information that protect the company from damage/harm.